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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It is June -- it is hot -- so I thought a little crushed ice would be good today.  Lately even walking the dogs before 7am it is steamy outside.  I am not much for cold weather -- but the constant heat with no rain for days gets old, quickly.

Some times I get into a rut with photos.  I am not interested in shooting much and the ones I did shoot stay on the camera.  I am like that right now.  Thinking back on 2010 and the 365 Project -- I marvel at how I stuck it out to complete the task -- taking a photo everyday was a job.  It was a good thing and I think I improved because of it.  Then I wonder if the burnout I have now comes from that?  Who knows?  Maybe it is the heat.

Thursday night I am attending the opening reception of Simple Pleasures in Newnan, GA.  I have a couple photos in this show.  The snake (Serendipity) received third place in the second edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron awards.  It is also on display at The Center for Fine Art Photography; Center Forward, in Colorado and soon to move on to the Denver Airport.  And this photo will be in the Atlanta Photography Group In Your Dreams show opening June 24.  There is another photo in the Dreams show -- a Sadie photo.  The little dog (I say little even if she does tip the scale at 50 lbs.) is in yet another show!  You can see her in Simple Pleasures too.  The one in the Dreams show is a little different -- I kind of like it.    It was part of the 365 Project -- 149:365.  Just thinking off the top of my head -- she has been in 7 exhibits in the past 2 years.

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Ravynword said...

Congratulations, my dear friend! Don't be discouraged or afraid to explore other avenues during this time of burnout. This too shall pass.

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