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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yesterday morning we discovered Kitty did not make it through the night.  She had been looking quite frail lately.  She had been a part of our home for over 15 years.  

We brought Kitty home from a PetSmart adoption event.  She was my birthday present that year.  We were living in California at the time.  The adoption volunteer told me that she, along with her litter mates, were found in a cardboard box in a parking lot in Garden Grove.  From that bit of information, we called her Crystal for two reasons; her blue eyes and the Crystal Cathedral is in Garden Grove.  But after a while we did not think Crystal suited her and she became Pearl -- and Pearl became Kitty because she had no clue she had a name.

Kitty always had that cat attitude and would let me take her picture -- but you knew she really did not like it.  The photo on the blog was taken during a severe thunderstorm as tornado sirens were going -- she just sat on the couch.  One time we picked her up from a stay at the vet's office.  The tech made mention that she was so good and "did not live up to her reputation."  When I got in the car I told my family what the tech had said and we laughed.  We did not know Kitty had a reputation -- and from then on we said her theme song was Joan Jett's Bad Reputation.  So now -- think that song when you think of our Kitty -- we do.  

1 comment:

Donna Thompson Photography said...

Donna, so sorry to hear about Kitty. I hope she has found her perfect comfy chair across the Rainbow Bridge.

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