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Saturday, November 26, 2011


I have had this camera for a long time.  This is the camera my grandfather used to use.  On some older blogs I have featured photos of him or taken by him -- and I believe they were taken with this camera.  A few days ago I was telling a friend about the camera.  She suggested I take some photos with it -- it would make a nice project.  So I have the bug.  I have looked it over and it seems to be in fine working condition. The bellows look great.  The lens is clear.

Here is a photo of it showing my Christmas tree in the finder.  My obstacle is that this camera uses 116 film.  That size film is no longer produced.  I have found a lot of information on converting it to use 120 film fairly easily.  This caught the attention of my husband since I likes to work on things -- he is working on how to fit a 120 spindle in the camera. 

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