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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photography Gift Ideas

Once again it is time to think about what to give your favorite photographer for the holidays.  It is always nice to give them something they can use.  But if you are not a photographer -- how do you know what is good stuff?  Hopefully I can help.

Favorite Lenses
  • 50mm Lens  If someone you know is just getting into photography -- say they bought the body & kit lens but want something else to add to it; you can't go wrong giving them a 50mm lens.  I use the Canon 50mm f1.4 and love it -- love it so much I bought two and gave one to my son.
  • Lensbaby Composer Pro with the Sweet 35 drop in optic.  I have been shooting with a Lensbaby lens for a few years.  I love them.  I started with the old 3G model and have used the Control Freak, Composer and now the Composer Pro.  
  • Tamron 17-50mm F2.8 VC  This is a great little walk around lens if you are looking for a wide angle and perhaps some closer shots.  The f2.8 part gives you the option to get creative with your depth of field.  I have been very pleased with this lens.
Camera Bags
  • My main camera bag is a Jill-E bag.  It looks nice -- like a handbag -- but it is a great camera bag that holds all I need.
  • When I don't want to carry the big bag -- I like to use a Shootsac camera bag.  These look good and are lightweight.  
  • The standby for us at my house for a good go-to bag is from Lowepro.  I have had my old Lowepro bag for years -- and now my son uses it and really likes it.  
Fun Things
  • Pretty camera straps are available at many locations and online.  I have ordered some from Etsy that are colorful and fun.  There are some available made from seat belts.
  • Knee pads -- if your photographer shoots a lot of nature or car shows -- or anything where she may be kneeling on hard surfaces -- a nice garden knee pad set or gardener pad will be nice to have.
  • Now that it is cold weather -- I love my winter golf gloves for shooting on a cold winter morning there is not much to keep your fingers from freezing -- but these help.  You can also find reusable heat pack that will last about 30 minutes -- they are 'recharged' by boiling in water to have ready for your next outing.  
  • Speaking of cold weather -- Cuddl Duds are awesome to help keep you warm too -- and they are great to relax in when you come home to edit your photos.
  • Camera lens mugs make for something fun.  
  • I love my iPad and really have some fun with the Snapseed app from Nik Software.  The iPad allows me to tote my portfolios with me wherever I go.  My preferred method to get photos onto my iPad from my computer is using the Dropbox app.
  • Give the dog a camera.  I am thinking of getting one of these for Sadie and Iris this year.  
  • Scottevest jackets and vests are very useful for the photographer, hiker, or traveler.  These garments are loaded with pockets.
  • And lastly -- if your photographer does not have one by now -- get her a GPS.  These are the best when you are out driving around looking at the scenery -- lose track of was that last turn a right or a left.  Just punch in "Go Home" and the GPS will get you back to where you started.


David Simonton said...

And don't forget: one of Donna's lovely photos would also make a very nice gift—for anyone on your list!

Donna Rosser said...

Thank you David -- as well as one of your photos would be a wonderful gift!

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