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Thursday, November 24, 2011


A few mornings ago there was a great amount of fog.  As I walked along the edge of the woods with Sadie and Iris I could see many spiders' webs strung throughout the branches.  As soon as I could, I got the dogs to finish their morning sniff and headed back to the house for my camera.  The next few minutes I spent traveling along the branch tips as the spiders had the night before -- looking at the twists and turns and trying to figure the point of it all.

Sometimes trying to figure the point of it all is a waste of time -- and I stopped then only to just see the decorations left behind.  

As I shot the photos that morning, I remembered this picture.  As I took it I knew I wanted to see it in black and white.  This is a conversion using Silver Efex Pro 2.  I love this plug in for my black and white work.

I hope no one had to figure the point of anything today and that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  

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