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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Practice, practice, practice....

As I sit here, knee deep in entries for Nature Undisturbed -- I am thinking about all I do and how I am keeping up.  One thing I have not kept up with is that other little blog -- the one from the 2010/365 project.  I had planned to keep it running this year with my favorite photo from the week.  Well, that did not happen for long.

Recently I have added more things to my plate.  It is becoming very clear I need to make some choices for 2012 on what is important to continue and what I may need to leave behind.  One new thing I added was starting another photo group on this side of Atlanta.  We meet the 2nd Tuesday at the Serenbe Photography Center. Much more to come about the Serenbe Photography Center -- but that will be a blog of its own.

The group is great and growing.  Something I talked about with them is the need to always think of photos and have a camera ready.  I talked about my 365 project and how much I enjoyed it.  Then I told the group -- and my other group -- that from Thanksgiving until the start of 2012 I planned to take a photo everyday.  I may be a bit behind at times posting photos -- and I am using Flickr as the place for that -- but I will take the photos and catch them up when I can.

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