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Saturday, December 31, 2011

So Long 2011...It Was a Busy Year!

This photo has nothing to do with the post today -- except it is one of my favorite images from 2011.  Ask me my favorite tomorrow -- it may be a different one -- but today -- this is it.

I have been thinking of an end of 2011 post -- to think back over all that has happened this year and make sense of it, learn from it, and plan the next steps.  It is interesting that in the mail today was a letter telling me one of my paintings was selected for the 2012 Arts Clayton Annual show -- this is 2D and 3D work -- nothing photography.  This makes the third year in a row I have something in the show.  I remember after the show last year saying that I was going to step back from photography for a bit and concentrate on my painting.  Well, that did not happen.  But I did create the painting that got in just a month or so ago -- I really like it and I am glad it is in.

That makes me think of the plans made early in a year of what you intend to do; sometimes things don't work out as you expect.  I had the idea to work on painting more -- and I did not.  I did, however, have photography selected for over 20 juried exhibits and part of other invitation only shows.  My photos were in Vermont, Virginia, Colorado, California, Georgia, and online exhibits.  I had the pleasure to again work with Mr. John Bennette for his second installment of Southern Memories, a satellite show during SlowExposures.  Nature Undisturbed 2011 was a success with 20% of the work in the show sold.  We had a wonderful juror, Susan Todd-Raque.  Susan also moderated a panel discussion during the show -- the panel included Kathryn Kolb, Lucinda Bunnen, and the new-to-Atlanta Brett Abbott.  

The back part of 2011 took another turn.  In the middle of preparations for Atlanta Celebrates Photography -- and I had work in six events -- I took on yet another challenge.  Serenbe Photography Center was in transition and I stepped in to help out.  The center is a great space and in a great location.  It is easy to take a break, relax, and have some fun there shooting on your own or in a workshop.  I have developed some bold programs to create pieces that fall under the umbrella of the Serenbe Photography Center.  The center maintains its traditional and digital print lab and schedule of workshops.  More workshops for the beginner to intermediate photographer are on schedule for 2012.  Also we have created a membership group for the photographers.  We meet once a month on the second Tuesday to share photos and encourage each other.  The excitement and buzz is building at SPC.  

One thing I thought about from the start with Serenbe is that there are a lot of people who love photography but are not photographers.  We needed a piece to our SPC puzzle for the art lover/collector.  So beginning in 2012 we are launching a Collector Guild.  The guild will meet 8 to 10 times throughout the year to learn about fine art photography and collecting it.  They will spend time with gallery owners, curators, artists, and more having a dialogue that enhances their photography experience. In connection with these guild events, SPC will offer the sale of prints -- limited editions, small size, from artists that have donated their specific work to the center to help support SPC.  I am a purchaser of small-sized, limited edition photographs and I can tell you -- they are like potato chips -- you can't have just one.  

Also in 2011 I took on the position of blog editor for South by Southeast Photomagazine.  I also taught a few workshops at the Serenbe Photography Center and put together a new Blurb book, Domestic.  Two of my photos were used in the first edition of a Serenbe calendar that benefited the photography center.  Arts Clayton Gallery honored me by selecting one of my photos to serve as their signature piece for their fundraiser.  Six of my photos are finishing up their year hanging in the Georgia Capitol.  

As 2012 begins I have a photo in the Winter show at A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas; the show opens January 6.  In February I have a photo in the Puppy Love exhibit in Zebulon, Georgia and a painting in the annual juried competition at Arts Clayton Gallery in Jonesboro, Georgia. 

We are going to have fun this year at the Serenbe Photography Center -- I hope many of you reading this will come to a workshop, lecture, to print, or just buy a print to support the center and what we are doing.


David Simonton said...

That's quite a year! Congratulations, and thanks for all you do—for photographers and for photography.

Donna Rosser said...

Thank you David! We need to get you down to Serenbe Photography Center! Let's talk about that soon. Happy New Year!

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