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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rusty Cars

I wish I knew the statistic for how often a photographer takes a photo of a junk car, abandoned building or some graffiti. It must be several times a minute. A couple weeks ago I succumbed to the sirens' call of the auto junkyard. 

Whenever I take photos of a subject that is done, done again, and again, I question myself of why I am doing it and contributing to the ever increasing pile of stuff out there. And a junkyard -- oh my gosh. Yes, I had someone ask if I went to Old Car City. Nope, don't need to. There are plenty of nice junkyard close to home. Why travel to north Georgia to shoot the exact place that hundreds, no; more like thousands have been shooting. 

Still I did it. 

A few days ago I put up a blog with a photo from that day that I liked. Then there was this one. 

When I was taking this I knew I would like it. Not so much for the subject but for what else is there. The blues and greens mixed in with the earthiness of the rust color, pine needles, and brown leaves are beautiful. That scale on the windows and the light coming through it was what made me walk through a bit of bramble to get to this vehicle. And of course that side mirror and shard of broken glass among shiny bits of chrome. 

I just like it.

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