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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturdays Back

For a while I had commitments almost every Saturday. And not just the Saturdays -- but other times and evenings and well, when too much is going on I think you need to stop and ask why.  Ask why are you doing it and be a little selfish and ask what is in it for you. I thought about my commitments and began to wonder where was the consideration for me in the equation. What was my incentive? When the questions pop up over and over and the incentive seems to not be there it is time for a change.

This morning was nice -- a little coffee, walking the dogs (twice), and head out to the Peachtree City Farmer's Market. I love this Farmer's Market -- and it is my home market which makes it nice -- plus it is two mornings a week! After picking up kale, goat cheese, and delicious chocolate croissants -- I headed home.

On the way to the market I noticed a place that I like to stop sometimes to take a photo. So on my way home this morning I stopped and whipped out the iPhone.

I love having my Saturdays back.

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