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Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday Photo Deal

Cow Staredown                                                                                May, 2013
During the past couple years I have made an effort to purchase photographs from artists that I admire. Today for "Cyber Monday" I am offering an image at a discount. The photo above will be printed by me on fine art photo paper, 8x8 shipped to you. Price is $50 and limited to 5. 

Email me at donna at for payment details and your shipping information. If you are giving it to someone else, I can ship directly to them with a note telling them who it is from and a little about the image.

1 comment:

anovelexperience said...

Donna, I have one of this series that I bought at Dogwood and both Bill and I love it--it is so much of what we love about the place where we live and you have captured it beautifully. I think it's cool that you are making this available to folks who would like to support artists and perhaps, begin a collection!

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