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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Leaving Palmetto

Leaving Palmetto                                                                              March, 2013
Taken last March, Leaving Palmetto is another of my 2013 favorites. This was taken with and edited with my iPhone. The image was part of the Lenscratch Cell Phone Exhibition and MobileMagic IV at LightBox Gallery. I have also used this image in a series I am working on called Embellished; photo transfers embellished with embroidery floss, glass beads, and found objects. Some of these can be seen at Dogwood Gallery.

I had driven this way many times, on a regular basis. It was coming to an end and I had always thought this was a nice view. I had also taken this image many times before -- sometimes a car was in it -- sometimes I like it -- sometimes not. This version became my fast favorite. 

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