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Monday, January 11, 2016

Fredericksburg Trip: The Rappahannock

I've spent many warm days on the rocks of the Rappahannock River. My friend, Denise, and I parked along Riverside Drive in Fredericksburg, walked down the dirt path, climbing over rocks to get to the water.

Occasionally I stepped in the river on the Stafford side (the side where I lived). Walking carefully over water smoothed rocks to find a good place to sit. There is still a faint scar on my shin from a slip on those rocks -- not so smooth when you land on them accidentally.

All of the photos here are from the Stafford side, taken on Ingleside Drive. These are from my trip back home last month. An unusually warm morning in December.

This last one taken looking toward the Falmouth Bridge. The long exposure shows streaks of light from the cars driving across the bridge and along Riverside Drive. 

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