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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fredericksburg Trip: Belmont

I arrived at Belmont, home of artist Gari Melchers and now part of the University of Mary Washington, very early on a December morning.

Morning mist and the steeple from Falmouth Church seen from the view looking down toward Ingleside Drive from the house.

Sunlight hits a window a few minutes after I arrived. Standing in this spot, I heard the Rappahannock down below me. Since it was winter, I could see it through bare trees.

There were a few Christmas decorations on the house -- for the season. This wreath and pine garland on the front steps made me wonder what was inside. I did not go in -- too early and not open, nor did I peep in the windows.

Down the front lawn, a pretty steep hill, a track cut into the grasses ends just around a short bend. 

Belmont, or as others call it, The Gari Melchers Home, is a national historic landmark in Falmouth, Virginia. The home sits on a hill above the Rappahannock River facing toward the Falmouth Bridge to Fredericksburg. Julius Garibaldi Melchers studied and taught in Europe and had a studio in New York City. He spent his final days at Belmont in Stafford County.

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