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Thursday, March 6, 2008


I finally got around to looking into a account.  I don't know what has kept me from this – oh wait I know – I had other things to do.


A few people I know have Flickr accounts and love it.  I loved it once when I peeped at the site and saw an amazing amount of great photographs.  You could spend days browsing there.  So – to keep you from hunting – I will give my page link right here.      <grin>


The biggest reason I decided to do this was to create a space for the photo club.  We have some members who have a hard time making meetings.  By creating this space on the internet – they can keep connected to what is going on, share photos, and comment on photos from members who do make most of the meetings.  Also it would help the group to share photos from shoots – like last weekend at Spivey Hall.  The photos taken on that group outing can be posted to the site for critique and discussion.


I will admit – most of the discussion going on there now is how to get a cool looking buddy icon instead of the gray blockhead provided by Flickr.


When I created the group site I chose to have our photo pool open to the public.  The members seem to be OK with that.  I did, however, choose to keep the discussion area of the group space private.  The group is also a "private group" meaning that I need to send an invite to someone prior to them becoming a member.  The only invites I have sent is to photo club members.  The members I talked with about this are pleased with the privacy of discussion.


As I wrote in a blog before about "building it and they will come," the group spaces on Flickr are testaments to that.  You can find a group (or two) on just about any subject.  I have seen group names like "I Ate This," "Vanishing Points," "Running with Dogs," and a bunch of groups about water drops.


Check out for yourself.


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