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Friday, March 14, 2008


It arrived! All this time I have thought about getting one and did not because I was buying something else, or wondered would I really like it, or thought I would wait and pester my husband for it for my birthday -- well I did not wait or pester. And yes, I really like it…

As soon as the mail appeared in the mailbox on Monday afternoon, I was hooked. I had ordered on Wednesday the week before and skipped springing for the fast shipping since I did opt for the cool T-shirt with "Bend it Baby" on it. Without paying for the faster shipping (the regular shipping was free --- deep down I am a cheapskate about some things). I was at the mercy of the United States Postal Service, an entity which has let me down in the past. Anyway, enough about blah subjects like the mail.

When I opened the box I was surprised at how lightweight the lens was, but then, there is not much there to be heavy. Along with the order for the lens and the cool T-shirt, I had ordered the accessory bundle --- wide angle and telephoto kit plus the macro kit. Admittedly I am one of those people who can entertain herself with a magnifying glass, so I spent a few minutes looking over the accessories. I was paying most attention to the macro kit (because I am a macro freak) and they are like little magnifying glasses for your lens! The coolest part --- you can stack them! Now for the scary part…

When I got to the lens inspection I found the most curious-looking piece of equipment. It looked like a film canister cap fused to a fake fish bait (you know those bumpy, plastic nightcrawlers? Oh you don't know? I guess you did not have a granddaddy like mine.) Anyway, I wonder and flip open the cap to find the most amazing set of washers with varying sized holes in the middle. Then I think to myself, where are the instructions? And then I think – when the heck was the last time I read instructions??? Ladies and gentlemen, those fantastic black washers are my aperture! Oh my gosh --- at that point I am wondering am I in over my head. And the nightcrawler is housing a magnet to assist you in the switching of your f-stop from whatever to whatever.

At this point my wiser-than-he-needs-to-be husband asks me am I stepping back in time and when am I going to get one of those new-fangled flash bulby things that pops the hot bulb out after it flashes. Umm, hey look it's the Golf Channel...

But you know, as intimidating as this gizmo could be to the beginner, intermediate, and some advanced photographers, it doesn't take long to get in the groove with it. As soon as I figured what all the pieces were about and what I needed to play with, I started taking ultra (or is the new word "uber") macro shots of some daisies I had in a vase on my kitchen counter. It was very interesting to have a slice, a piece, a small section of sharp in the frame and the rest kind of slides off. Those daisy shots are some of my new favorites. I have printed out three of them 10x15 and am contemplating having them framed for my wall in the foyer. Oh, yeah, I converted them to black and white too -- love them!

So the Lensbaby arrived! The birthday was March 10, 2008 --- I need to send announcements. Well, here is an announcement for you: I am talking with the Lensbaby people in wonderful Oregon - they are SO nice. I am adding the Lensbaby to my upcoming spring floral photography class. In the future I am thinking of a solid, just plain old Lensbaby class, nothing else --- all day Lensbaby. And guess what? Those wonderful people in Oregon are offering to send to me loaner Lensbabies for the people in the class to try out. How cool is that? Keep a check here and on my website for details that will pop up soon. I am heading out today to nail down the date, time, and place. Just keep thinking --- Bend it Baby!

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