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Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby Mr. Stripey

Just days after bringing home a few plants, I have loads of material for photos. The Mr. Stripey plant has a couple babies and some new blooms coming soon. Over the weekend I spent a few minutes out on the deck taking some shots of the baby tomato.

One of those photos is on the blog today. This photo was taken with the 50mm 1.4 lens attached to the 21mm extension tube. My settings were aperture priority, 1/250, f2, ISO 250, auto white balance. I have no idea what my minimum focus distance was for this shot. The way I am working the lenses on the ProOptic tubes is to go manual focus and move the camera ever so slightly to get the point of focus I am looking for in the shot.

Last year I planted sunflower seeds -- to enjoy the sunflowers -- but also for subjects. These plants were on the deck -- easy to get to and set up a tripod. I documented the buds, blooms, and the dead flowers. Don't wait for the bloom of a flower -- take photos of the entire plant and the buds as the open.

This year I am taking photos of all the plants, of course. But the tomato plants on the deck will get more attention than any of the other plants.


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