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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


A couple weeks ago I posted about our photo group and how we have a monthly theme.  The meeting we have on Saturday is the theme meeting and you are expected to bring a few photos of your interpretation of the theme.  I posted my "distress" photo from January.  For February the theme is "harlequin."  ugh -- tough one -- but sometimes the tough ones can cause you to come up with something wonderful.

This one has been a test of my thought process.  I have been hoping my subconscious was working on it and  today I really think it had been!  I have a very small collection of harlequin photos to show.  But one I came up with today I actually really like -- a lot.

This is not something that everyone would look at and say -- oh yeah, harlequin.  But it gives me that black and white pattern feel.  As we all know in art -- if you 'see' something in the piece -- then it is there.  I see harlequin -- but I have also titled this piece "Tree of Life" and can see a bit of a female form here.  Usually I am not much into manipulating a photo to get a look.  I think this one works.

If you are not a member of a photo group or have the opportunity to participate in any type of theme challenge, you can set it up for yourself.  In our group we each had two small slips of paper, wrote a theme topic on them and dropped them into a container.  Then one by one they were pulled out and assigned a month until they were all used.  If you wish to challenge yourself, shoot outside of the box so to speak, make your own theme jar and drop slips of paper in it.  Once a month pull one out and see what happens.

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