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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Entering Juried Photo Competitions

Competitions, shows, exhibits, whatever you call them -- entering can be fun. It does require a bit of thought. Tomorrow is the postmark deadline for Nature Undisturbed.

When I shoot something that I feel is good competition material -- I put a copy of that photo file in a special folder. Really I have a folder named "submissions" and in that folder each competition gets another separate folder. Competitions can be very different -- animals are great for some for others a landscape is what you need. Currently I have a photo in a show dedicated to still life.  

The show prospectus is filled with important information.  This tells you what the show is about -- the topic. Remember that no matter the topic and info on the show -- the final decision rests with the juror and their interpretation of the show.  The prospectus will also tell you how to enter.  Is it all online, do you burn a CD, how to pay -- and the most important -- how to size your submissions.

Since I am finished with the 365 I have time to go back and look through the many many many many (did I say many) photos I took last year.  There are some great photos in there perfect for shows.  Recently I sent in photos to the Southeastern Horticultural Society for their photography competition.  Their show is more than flowers.  And frankly, I try to stay away from a lot of floral work since it can become so redundant.  This show also offers categories besides flowers -- but hey -- it is the Flower Show -- so were do you think the focus is?  Anyway -- last night I was poking through shots from last May.  I wish I had prior to submitting to the Flower Show -- but I did not.  So I shuffled this shot to my "submissions-flower show-2012" folder.

By the time for submissions for this show -- I may or may not use this photo.  My advantage is that I select photos months in advance as "maybes" giving myself plenty to choose from if I hear of something on short notice.

And speaking of short notice -- if you have not read my blog before or heard of Nature Undisturbed -- you still have one day to select some photos and get them in the mail to me.  

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