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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life Support Japan

Since the horrible news of the earthquake and tsunami last week the world has watched as Japan is dealing with a huge set of issues.  Video as well as still images bring the tragedy to our homes.  When I see the photos of the aftermath I am jealous of not taking the photos -- but also wonder if I would want to be there given the chance.  There are some powerful images coming out of Japan on a regular basis.

Other powerful images are found here at Life Support Japan.  This is an ongoing online auction/sale to benefit aid for Japan.  Details are found on the site.  Also found are amazing photos -- editions of 10 for $50 each.  I have bought some.  My favorites that will be coming to my home are below.  These are sold out -- but there are many others available and the site is updated frequently.

Sheri Lynn Behr  white cat 001b
David Burdeny Mudflat Ariake Sea
Jennifer Schwartz Gallery in Atlanta is having a silent auction on Saturday.  There are more awesome photos available there.  

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