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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sadie in the Window

"Sadie in the Window" was in the photography exhibit at the Southeastern Flower Show recently.  This photo is also a recent sale for me.  It is nice to think that Sadie has gone home with someone else to brighten their day.  She came home to live with us in May, 2009.

This little dog has gotten me into a lot of shows.  She is very photogenic and; well, cute.  She spends most of her time here, lounging on the sofa.  One of the most seen photos of Sadie is of her lounging on the featherbed.  This photo has been in magazines, newspapers, and photo shows.

We liked having Sadie around so much -- we brought Iris home to be her buddy.  I walk Sadie and Iris a few times a day -- every day -- unless the weather is awful.  

I am pleased that someone saw this photo and felt a connection to it enough to want to take it home.  If you have a dog -- you know this look.  It is called "Dad's home."  If I say that -- she runs to the window to watch him park and get out of the car.  Then she runs to the back door to wait for him to come in.

Sadie is a jewel of a dog and was a wonderful find at a local shelter.  Iris was a shelter find too.  I always urge anyone thinking about a dog to please check with local county animal shelters -- there are many great dogs there in need of a home.

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