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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunset on Melear's

We have always been Speedi Pig people.  In 1998 we moved to Fayette County from California and found Speedi Pig for barbecue -- loved it and never tried the joint on the other side of Highway 85.  A few weeks ago Melear's Barbecue closed.  I had not paid any attention until the 'snow day' and saw the Closed sign at the door.  So I thought perhaps they had closed because it was snowy that morning.  Then, the next day it was still closed.  The pig statue that stood by the road was missing.  

So I thought I would come take a few photos of the building.  That evening after dinner I drove over to shoot.  Good thing since a day or so after this photo was taken the "Melear's" portion of the sign was taken down -- and a few days after that the whole sign was missing.  The closed sign was also gone.

Never a fan since I never ate there -- but I always thought the building was unique.  I like this photo showing the oil/grease spots in the parking spaces.  It makes them look well used.  Since it was so late in the day there is the reflection of the sky just past sunset in the windows.  This gave me the title of this photo, "Sunset on Melear's."


Glenn said...

Capturing an image that becomes part of the past is a great use of photography. Imagine what the future would be like if there was no evidence of the past, such as this photo.

Good thought and nicely done...

Donna Rosser said...

Thanks Glenn!

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