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Friday, March 18, 2011

Peach Trees in Bloom

A couple years ago I happened upon this peach orchard in bloom by accident.  I was just checking to see if it was close -- and it was blooming that day.  Well, here it is about two years later to the day -- and I was back in the orchard again.

I love this place -- the vastness of the orchard is there.  I have seen larger plantings -- but this does the trick.  I also love how the peach trees have a life-size bonzai look.  As I was wandering around the backside of the trees, I could hear chainsaws at the other end of the field -- trimming dead limbs?

Last night my throat was scratchy and I felt a little like I had a cold coming on -- then I remembered all the time outside and the pollen!  Please be careful (or just don't do it) changing lenses outside during this time of year.  Pollen will get inside your camera and stick to the sensor!

I like the light in this last one.  Shooting into the sun is not a usually good thing -- but it really highlighted the blossoms and gave an interesting color to the shot.  The sky was very blah and it was super bright -- so, not a lot of sky in the photos -- nothing there to make it worth taking up space in the frame.

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