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Friday, August 5, 2011

Revisiting Older Photos

The 365 project left me with a lot of great images and plenty of material to work with for quite a while.  During the year I visited a few old car shows.  Many times it was the gathering in the parking lot at a local pizza place.  When you go to a few of these in a certain geographic area, you will start to see the same cars and people.

Some people will cringe when I say this -- but I shoot everything in color.  If I choose black and white for an image -- I am making the choice after the fact.  This gives me flexibility -- I can always take the color out.  Originally I had a grouping of photos from one of these shows -- and I had converted them all to black and white.  I really liked the way they looked.  Now after looking back at these photos -- I am finding the color versions more appealing.

In the photo above it is something about that red in the center of the steering wheel.  I like it.  Also, appealing to me is the reflection on the side of the car -- the color that shows on the dark paint.  The reflection of the green in the vent window and the green tint on the dash play well off of each other.

I don't like to limit myself by saying I am any certain "kind" of photographer.  I like color and I like black and white.  As for subject matter -- anything that strikes my fancy on any given day is my favorite subject.  I lament flower photos -- there are tons of them out there.  But you know -- if I see a bloom that catches my eye -- I still have to make the shot.  There are some plants at the edge of the woods -- I have been watching them for a couple weeks.  As I hear my husband crank the lawnmower, I am hoping he does not get too close and cut them.  What are they?  I have no clue -- but I am watching and waiting to see.  The orange striped oakworms are hatching and beginning to chomp on the leaves on the trees out front.  I have a few photos of these very small caterpillars with their shiny black heads.  Why? because I wanted to.

Every now and then it is good to look back at the files -- poke back through the photos to see what jumps out at you this time that may have been missed.  

I have the car series printed on metallic paper ready to take to The Art House Gallery later this month.  In October my work will be part of a group show during the Atlanta Celebrates Photography festival.

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