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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Orange Striped Oakworms

When I am out in the yard these days I have to watch where I step. Last Thursday I first noticed the ugliest caterpillar I had even seen wriggling across the grass -- then I saw another one -- and then another one -- and then I realized I was surrounded.

I had to watch my step -- and watch Sadie's steps. These guys looked like if you stepped on one it would be extra juicy. (they are -- more on this in a minute) My next thought after thinking not only did I have to keep Sadie from stepping on one, but I had to keep her from trying to eat one, was get the camera.

So I ran into the house -- carefully -- and grabbed the camera. I took off the nifty fifty, popped on an extension tube and then reattached the 50mm to have my macro set up ready to go using my favorite lens of all time. The caterpillars were moving! It was hard to get a good shot as they burrowed down into the grass when I approached. But I got a few good ones.

I like the one above because it is kind of mysterious -- like it is sneaking into the frame. After shooting a bunch of photos, I came in to the wonderous world of the internet to look up what the heck they are. Orange Striped Oakworms -- and, yes, the leaves on the oak tree near this slight infestation are stripped.

Back to how I know they are juicy -- they are traveling into the street and the cars don't lookout for these jaywalkers (crawlers?).


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Vagabonde said...

I like this picture with just the head peeking. I don’t have a macro lens so I take flowers pretty close but I don’t try to take insects. Maybe when I get better I’ll invest in another lens, a macro. I checked and for the Nikon they are pretty expensive.

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