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Saturday, November 9, 2013


Blue Rosette, JCP                                                                              April, 2013

I love the color blue. Sometimes I think it is my favorite color. But then I think about yellow, red, green, and orange, and that awesome purple the sky turns just before the sun comes up. Picking a favorite can be a challenge. Selecting photos to submit to a competition is a little like choosing a favorite. This time of year I start to think about my favorite images for that year. Asking me about a favorite photo is like asking what is my favorite color - or which of my dogs I have had was my favorite. 

One of my first thoughts for 2013 goes to this image. It is exactly what I like about taking photos. I was standing in J C Penney looking for something -- I have long since forgotten. But turned around to notice the prom dresses on display. I got out the iPhone and had some fun. This image is hanging now at Dogwood Gallery in Tyrone. I love it hanging on a wall. In my opinion it is perfection. The gray tones of the wall, tag, and crystals with just black, white, and blue. Add in the folds and frills of the netting and it is sweet and happy. I like sweet and happy -- and today I like blue.

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