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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Janisse Ray

I cannot begin to explain how much I like Janisse Ray. She is a very kind and authentic southern writer. This afternoon I attended a reading at Clayton State University. Janisse read a spectacular essay on the disappearing rural south. I grew up in the rural south. When She spoke of the tiny little town post office -- I remembered the little Garrisonville post office where my grandmother would fill in when Miss Dorothy could not be there. Janisse's love for nature was sparked by her elementary school teacher. My love of the outdoors was sparked by my grandfathers. A little over a year ago I took a day-long writing workshop with Janisse in Peachtree City. She is a wonderful writer, instructor, and speaker.

Not only was I able to have a couple books signed this afternoon -- I got some awesome photos. At one point during her talk, she reached for a very well-loved and worn copy of Ecology of a Cracker Childhood. As she opened the book -- you could see it was filled with notes. She agreed to let me photograph the inside of the book.



nancymcc said...

This is really sweet, Donna. What a personal photo. I love it. And she is a wonderful writer. South x Southeast ran a review of her book, Floating Into Darien, with photos by Nancy Marshall, in one of our earlier issues. That book is a lovely reminder about the condition of our rivers here in Georgia. I"m glad we still have writers like Miss Ray.

J Pickle said...

She is an amazing writer. She opened my eyes to the beauty of the rural South and, in turn, reminded me that who I am is tied to where I'm from. Something I've felt inside, but have never been able to articulate. Great photos, Donna!

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