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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chasing June Bugs

About a week ago I was sure we were being attacked by a swarm of bees.

From the porch I could see these insects buzzing around under a tree in the far corner of a planting bed. They zig-zagged so much. Later that day when I took Sadie out for a walk, I was trying to keep her away from them. I knew she would snap at them and try to eat one.

A few days later after my husband mowed the grass, I saw them again. I told him that he needed to be careful on the mower the next time that there are bees out there some where in the yard.

Yesterday I saw them swarming around again. So I started inching closer and closer to them to try to see what kind of bee it was. We have had yellow jackets in the yard a couple times before. I knew they go underground. These looked larger than a yellow jacket. Are they hornets? There
is some odd thing built on a limb in that tree -- nope -- it is just a bird's nest.

Then I saw one land on the ground. They are June Bugs! The first thing I thought about was how older people had told me that for fun when they were little they would tie a string to a June Bug's leg and let it fly around 'on a leash' for a little while -- then let them go.

Then I thought about my camera! I found them to be a little difficult to capture -- unless they were (ahem) busy -- and I don't feel like shooting photos of the sex life of a June here is one I caught just hanging around. When I got a little too close for too long -- they would take off.

Maybe today I can get a better shot........(what is with those Bullwinkle things on their heads???)


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