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Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Novel Experience

Last Thursday I posted a photo and said to check back this weekend to see where it was taken -- well here is where....A Novel Experience in Zebulon, Georgia. Actually -- this photo (above) shows exactly where the other photo was taken.

A Novel Experience is a delightful shop in the delightful town of Zebulon. The store offers new and used books. It is also a gallery. They have a book club. And, you can even find a cup of coffee there. Check out their website to see what is on their calendar.

The gallery part is my focus this post. During the month of July I have twenty-two photos hanging in the store. The photos hanging are:

‘It’s a Daisy’ black and white Lensbaby image printed on canvas gallery wrap (daisy)

‘Purity’ black and white floral macro (rose)

‘The New Dog’ color macro

‘Charleston Weekend’ black, white, and orange floral macro (daisy)

‘Emilie’ black and white image

‘Pop’ digital art from a floral macro (daisy)

‘Line Creek Path’ color Lensbaby image (Peachtree City, GA)

‘The ARC’ black and white image, digitally enhanced (St. Simons Island, GA)

‘Carl’s is Closed’ black, white, and blue image (Fredericksburg, VA)

‘Followed by a Spoon Shadow’ black and white macro (from the Kitchen Series)

‘Self-Portrait’ digitally enhanced portrait triptych

‘The Old Kitchen’ black, white, and red image (from the Kitchen Series)

‘Opening Dance’ black and white botanical macro (sunflower)

‘Is the Devil in the Details?’ black and white Lensbaby image (Methodist Church, Senoia, GA)

‘Jelly’ black and white digitally enhanced image (Georgia Aquarium)

‘Opening Night’ black and white long exposure (Fayetteville, GA)

‘Prince’ black and white image printed on watercolor paper and hand tinted with watercolors

‘Peachtree’ black and white image (Pike County, GA)

‘Pleated’ black and white macro

‘Bonsai’ black and white Lensbaby image (Panola Mountain State Park)

‘Top of the Tower’ black and white Lensbaby image (Methodist Church, Senoia, GA)

‘Rosebud’ black and white

Stop in, browse the books, browse the photos, and say hello to Chris, Brenda, Susan F., Karen, and Susan C. For directions to the store, check out the link to their website above. I hear that Zebulon is having a nice 4th of July celebration!



anovelexperience said...

We are enjoying your photos at the store--love New Dog and the peach tree, and the old kitchen, and the flowers...

greg blair said...

i am sure the collective beauty of each added a powerful feel to the bookstore. that's cool. g.b.

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