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Friday, July 31, 2009

From the Barefoot Files...

Today is the end of July. When the end of July rolls around I am a year older. Last week I posted about my grandmother and how our birthdays are a week apart. This week it is my turn.

I can't remember the name of this doll -- I want to say Susie. I think that is it. I always liked dolls. My favorites were Barbies. I had a mountain of Barbies and a bigger mountain of Barbie clothes. A box of my old Barbie clothes is in my closet now. My old Raggedy Ann is in my sewing room. I have no clue where Susie ended up.

Growing up I had a collection of pets: guinea pig, hamster, mice, cats, dogs, ponies, and fish. I loved going fishing with my granddaddy and even helped him clean a fish or two (or at least I thought I did).

I grew up in an area where ancestors had lived (or lived very near) since the late 1600's. When I was 24 I moved away and have not been back, except for visits. I moved to Georgia first. Then I moved to California. I loved living in California. Going to the beach when ever I pleased -- almost every day -- was excellent! When we lived in California I won a recipe contest -- Orange Macadamia Biscotti -- yum. Then I moved back to Georgia. Three times I have moved to a place where I did not know anyone or knew where anything was. It has been an adventure each time.

I have planted gardens growing everything from herbs to broccoli to beans. At our first house in Georgia I had a big garden. One year -- on my birthday -- I spent the day making tomato sauce with all of the tomatoes and herbs from the garden and putting it in the freezer for another day. In California I had a great little patch of tomatoes and basil in the backyard. We also had a lemon and an apricot tree.

I like to sew. When my daughter was young, I made all of her little play dresses. She loved them. She had a ladybug dress, a sunflower dress, a dress with kittens all over it and more. When my husband travels out of town -- I take that opportunity to redecorate. I have completely reworked our master bedroom twice -- making the duvet, window treatments, and pillows shams myself -- to match perfectly with the room.

Sometimes I paint -- I think my painting is a little bad -- but I like it. Usually I stick to abstracts -- but occasionally I will paint from one of my photos. I have a 30x40 painting of Diamond Head over the fireplace that was from a photo from a trip to Hawaii.

Thanks for reading the blog -- send me an email sometime -- I like hearing from readers. And I know you are wondering -- yes those are my eyelashes looking that long in the photo.



Mernie said...

I'm emailing you an ecard through
I always look forward to Friday to see your blog. I enjoy the photos and your stories, thanks!
Looking at this photo, you were much more adorable than any of the dolls.

Donna Rosser said...

Thanks so much Mernie!

Laura Cameron said...

A belated Happy Birthday!

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