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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Walking The Dog

Since May -- when Sadie came to live with us -- I have walked her twice a day just about every day. Some times if I am not going to be home for the morning or evening walk -- someone else will do it -- but most of the time it is me.

Last Sunday it was rainy and I did not think we would get in the evening walk -- but we did during a little bit of a sprinkle. This dog -- the one howling when she gets a bath -- likes to walk in a tiny bit of rain. After a hard rain and the sides of the road have a bit of water rushing by -- she will run in the water splashing like a little kid.

When we headed out last weekend -- I took the camera with us -- so I am walking, holding a leash in one hand, the camera in the other hand and up to my eye. What was funny is when I wanted to get a shot of her running in the puddles -- she would not do it!

I put these two together in Photoshop Elements and put a black line around them. The shots were taken with the 50mm lens on the Rebel XTi.


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