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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nature, Dogwood, & Elements

The opening of Nature Undisturbed was awesome.  We had a packed gallery.  Everyone loved the photos and we had some sales to prove it!  Someone asked me how I thought this year compared to the first show.  I told them that at the close of last year I was nervous.  It had been such a great show, great photos, good attendance -- I did not see how we could top it.  Last Friday night -- we topped it!  

Saturday night we had another great evening.  Me..Jane (opening in Serenbe May 1) provided a wine/cheese tasting.  I am normally not a white wine person -- but the chards on hand may have converted me.  After the tasting, Susan Todd-Raque spoke about collecting photography.  Susan is a wealth of information and always a good listen.  She had many great photos and books with her.  It is a great topic for those purchasing photography and for those selling work.   Thanks so much to Lensbaby for sponsoring Susan's talk.

Lately I have had a lot of people ask me about classes.  I am continuing to do classes for beginners through Clayton State at the Fayetteville location.  On Saturday, 4/24, I am teaming up with Kathryn Kolb for a special workshop in Serenbe.  The Wildflower Walk with Macro is an all day, one day workshop in Serenbe and includes lunch at The Blue Eyed Daisy.  Also added to the schedule is a class at Dogwood Gallery for those beginning to edit photos with Photoshop Elements.  This class will for four, two-hour sessions.  It begins on Wednesday, May 5.  If you have any questions about any of these learning events -- feel free to email me.

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