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Friday, August 20, 2010

One of those weeks...

OK -- so I have spent the better part of the day (or at least those times when I was not running errands) trying to locate a photo I wanted to use for the blog today.  I am thinking it is on a the basement office...which needs a purging something awful.

The photo was of the little church where I got married 27 years ago today.  When I find it I will put it on the blog.  So, yes today is our anniversary.  Last year I did a blog on it.  I planned to mention it today and show the photo of the church for the Barefoot Files post of the week.

This is a lesson in keeping up with technology.  Digital photography is wonderful.  Digitizing your images is an awesome thing to do.  But, when you move beyond one form of storage to another -- you need to move everything along or some things get missed.  Not too long ago I had to purchase a floppy drive (plugged into the USB port) so I could get some files.  All of these things we have that work by simply plugging them into the USB are awesome -- BUT -- what happens with the USB port is obsolete?  Remember the Iomega Zip Drive?  Yeah, we had one -- I think we had two -- they died and then what?  

Makes me think of that commercial -- can't remember the product (that is bad -- for them -- isn't it) -- where the people in the office say, "It's the Elder, he who speaks of floppy disks."

Oh and did I mention these two dogs are wild?  Not to mention I have a week's worth of photos a day to catch up with -- read process them, post to the blog, yadda yadda.

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