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Sunday, January 16, 2011

365 Project and Beyond

As I worked my way through the 365 Project last year it is hard to believe I would sit here today and tell you I miss taking a photo every day.  I suppose I don't miss it enough to do it all over -- but you know what I mean.  What was a bit hard in the beginning became a habit -- a nice habit to have.

So what to do now that the project is complete?  I am keeping the blog going but changed the name for it to the Photo of the Week.  Certainly I am taking plenty of photos during a week -- just not daily.  This will keep that blog active, but still give me plenty of time to post more here on this blog.  I have missed having the time for that.

Many people know that I am part of a local photography group.  This is something I highly suggest to anyone interested in photography.  It is wonderful to meet with others to get ideas and feedback.  Our group is a very casual one -- we don't have a lot of the structure other photo clubs have.  We do choose a monthly theme to shoot for and to show work for once a month.  

The club theme for the month of January is "distress."  Below is a photo -- not a great photo but interesting considering the theme.  The toad in the photo was definitely in distress.  I stood around shooting the snake and toad -- getting very close.  I did not worry since the snake already had a toad in its mouth.  Then I heard the "CLICK" -- the snake dropped the toad and was trying to get away from me.  

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