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Sunday, January 23, 2011

November Woods

Something else I was working on last fall/winter was a book.  I have a few friends who have produced a nice book using online self publishing websites.  One that I have seen consistent good books from is Blurb.  I sat down for a while and came up with what I believe is a nice little book, November Woods.

These are photos I like.  Looking at photos like these, woods, limbs, branches; remind me of walking through the woods with my grandfather.  Some of my most fond childhood memories are the times I spent walking with him.  He would point out to me tracks of the wildlife, types of trees, berries, nuts, and more. 

I am also working on a limited edition series of photos from this book. 


1 comment:

greg blair said...

Donna, this is beautiful. I would like a signed copy, please.GB

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