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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011

part of the Boxing Day series
During 2010 this blog was neglected somewhat.  I had many great topics, yet I was stretched so that I seldom posted here.  Well, 2010 is over; the 365 project is completed -- and I commit to be back to this blog!

Doing a 365 project was a very good thing.  Last year I went through times of great inspiration and times of feeling so burnout that I would stop doing anything public and just enjoy myself for myself.  It was a busy year -- lots of things happening and not much time left to just do whatever I wanted when I wanted.  To simplify I have made some choices.  At this moment I am no longer teaching photography for Clayton State University. It was a negative for me to not have information on classes until the last moment.  Planning ahead and having my ducks in a row, so to speak, makes me more productive.  

At present I have no classes scheduled, but plan to do something with Serenbe Photography Center again this year.  I really believe in the center -- it is a great place, nice people, and quite the resource!  Also, later this spring I would like to get a small group together at Dogwood Gallery for a class.  

Even though I have neglected the blog -- I have not neglected my photography.  Not only have I completed my 365, I have developed a few wonderful series of shots and packaged them in portfolio envelopes.  More about each one coming soon.  Two of these series are at Dogwood Gallery and Framer now.  They will all be limited editions and sold as the set.

The new year has started out well for me.  At the end of a year I always wonder what will happen the next year -- what shows -- what exhibits -- will I have work out there?  During January and February 2011 I have work in four exhibits; two each month.  Friday, January 7 is the opening reception for the 25th Anniversary celebration of art at Arts Clayton Gallery.  This show presents past and present winners from juried competitions at the gallery.  Also in January I have a piece in The Arrangement, a juried exhibit at Vermont Photo Space Gallery.  In February I have two photos in Puppy Love at A Novel Experience in Zebulon, Georgia.  Puppy Love is a must for the dog lover and it benefits the local animal group.  The other show event I have in February is again at Arts Clayton Gallery -- but it is not photography.  I have a painting in the annual juried art show and competition.

Also the call for entries for Nature Undisturbed 2011 is going on right now.  If you are interested or know anyone who may be interested -- please check out the website for all information on the entry process.  We have another great juror this year and are planning the reception and panel discussion.  

So happy 2011 -- let's hit the ground running this year and make it a great one!

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