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Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Barefoot Photographer® Top 10 Posts

I have been wanting to do this post for a long time. Over the summer I have seen some trends in what posts are getting the most hits. Obviously the time of year is influencing some of these. This post will list the current top ten. In the near future I plan to do a post on the ones that keep popping up -- regularly over time -- but just don't get the higher number of hits.

  1. Watermarking Your Photos Kind of tells you what it is right up front. With the high interest in protecting intellectual property, this is a popular topic. It doesn't hurt that 1001 Noisy Cameras added this post to their Photography Soup post early in July.
  2. Protect Your Camera At The Beach Obviously a seasonal interest topic. Lots of hits here and on the eHow article I posted of the same information.
  3. Feet Photos Let's just hope this is not all about a foot fetish. Sometimes when I see what words people Google to find the blog I will see "teen feet photos" and get creeped out.
  4. Love Those Leopard Crocs! I know there are a lot of us out there who just love leopard shoes - and Crocs.
  5. Protect Your Camera Again more beach goers double checking.
  6. A Skink in The House One of the all time favorite posts -- this one is always in the top list when I check it. I am thinking many people get skinks in their house? When I was cleaning up my sewing room last Friday, I found some left over netting we used to use to make those butterfly nets. Anybody need to borrow some?
  7. 7 Photography Questions Podcast Most people interested in photography are always looking for a good podcast with great information. This is one and I am sure that is why the post gets hits. (I am thinking of The Barefoot Photographer Podcast, what do you think?)
  8. I Like Good Bokeh Who doesn't like good bokeh?
  9. Photo Club At Spivey Hall A great spot for great photos. Last season my husband and I enjoyed visiting Spivey to hear three different, and great, guitarists.
  10. Making Belt Buckles It has been a while since I was really into crafts. I enjoyed this Ladies Night Out at Dogwood Gallery. I am guessing that the number of hits may be from the popularity of this craft right now.
The Trademark Issues post has dropped to #20 on the list. This one jumps up when I have an infringement issue pop up. No doubt the infringers will start to do something they should have done before setting up a business website -- Google the business name to check for a trademark! The next one down the list (#11) is the Where is This? post. That is one of my favorite photos. My grandmother is the most popular vintage photo post, coming in at #16.

Of course the most hits is not to any one specific post -- but to the main blog URL. I love Google Analytics! If you would like and you have a specific favorite not mentioned here -- let me know. Also if anytime you have ideas or topics you would like to see covered, drop me an email.


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