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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rainy Night in Georgia

Last week we drove through Atlanta -- in the rain. I like to take the camera when we head through the city -- you never know what you will see.

That trip I did not see much -- but it did rain -- a lot. On the way home I was taking photos of the traffic, the lights, the buildings. Then, by accident, I started looking more at the raindrops on the windshield. No, I was not driving -- I was in the passenger seat.

I really liked the look of the photo with the traffic and highway out of focus and the drops on the windshield more in focus. Also, add a bit a grain to the black and white is interesting.

It was pretty dark -- but in playing with the contrast and having had the ISO bumped up -- the sky looks like more of a day shot -- than the evening. I also like, in the photo below, how the lights along the highway lead you through the photo.



Paradoxical said...

I really like your rain shots! Very beautiful and almost...surreal. :D

Have you ever wanted to capture lightning?

Vagabonde said...

Your black and white pictures of the rain are really superb – that is when you can tell the professional from the beginner like me. just sent me an email for an offer of Adobe Photoshop Element 7 today only for $49, no shipping, so I did order it, but now after reading the various books for it on Amazon I think I may have made a mistake that it will be too advanced (and am not sure which book to get.) Going on trips the next two months I won’t be able to go to the Photo Club. Anyway, as you said, take pictures every day, and that will be good practice.

Donna Rosser said...

Thanks for the compliments!

Vagabonde -- I love working with Elements -- the two books I bought when I upgraded to version 6 was The Missing Manual for my version and the Scott Kelby book for my version of Elements.

There is so much that program will do -- I will never use all of it.

Also I process most of my b&w images with Nik Silver Efex Pro

Donna Rosser said...

Oh and lightning -- I am tried to get some shots -- nothing I like so far -- one day!

Vagabonde said...

Thanks for answering me. I feel better now about ordering Element 7. I’ll look at the two books you mentioned and shall get at least one so I can understand how to use the program. Thanks again.

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