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Friday, July 9, 2010

From the Barefoot Files...

On Fridays I take my dog Sadie to the local dog park to run, play, and have some fun.  She loves it.  As soon as we get home, I have to give her a bath because she gets very dirty at the park.  This morning she played with an Australian Shepherd puppy for a long time and had fun.  The little Aussie reminds me of our Rosebud.

I have always liked dogs.  I have had cats -- and have one now -- but I think I like dogs much more than cats.  I remember the many dogs I have had over the years.  We had dogs at home and there were always dogs at my grandmother's house.  One year my husband and I gave my granddaddy a pair from the shelter -- they looked like a cross between a golden retriever and an Irish setter.  Not long after I was married I adopted Daisy from a shelter -- she was a poodle-Maltese mix and very prissy.  

This photo is a picture of me with our dog Cindy.  Cindy was a cocker spaniel.  She was a good dog.  My father brought her home one day.  She had puppies and I remember they knocked over a can of paint in the basement -- there were little pink paw prints all over the place that day.  Cindy was a good dog -- she would let me dress her up in hats and scarves to take her photo.  She was one of my first 'dog models.'  I need to find those photos of her wearing my old stuff.

1 comment:

Mernie said...

I've had two dogs we the same name.
My first dog named Cindy was my husband's family dog. They use to dress her up too. Later in life, after she died, we named another dog after her.
Thanks for this photo, I enjoy following your blog!

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