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Friday, July 16, 2010

From the Barefoot Files...

This dog has been on the blog before.  He was in the photo with my Aunt Anna.  This is Aunt Anna's husband, Ben.  He was also my great grandfather's brother -- and Aunt Anna was my great grandmother's sister; brothers married sisters.

I like this photo -- it looks like he is heading out to hunt or finished.  The dog reminds me of Sadie a little -- the body type -- not so much the coloring.

There is some good light (sunshine?) on the subjects in this photo.  You can see the shadow on the door.  What also tells me there is good light is that all of the dark areas -- his clothes and the markings of the dog -- show detail.  If it was too dark the folds in the clothing and the body lines of the dog would be completely in shadow.

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