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Friday, July 30, 2010

From the Barefoot Files...

Yesterday was my birthday.  I found this old photo a few months ago and was saving it for my birthday old photo post.  This photo was taken at my great grandfather's house -- the house is now underwater.  My great grandparent's and grandparent's houses were on the land purchased through an eminent domain event to provide space for the reservoir in their county.  I have a lot of fond memories of that property.  This house is a part of many of them.  

To the right of this photo was the way to the kitchen.  There was a large old stove there that was powered by wood.  I remember watching my grandmother lift the latch and see the fire in its belly.  I took baths in the kitchen sink.  When there were baby chicks in the hen house -- I would bring one or two into the house to play with and let them run around the kitchen until my grandmother made me "get them out where they belong."

To the left of this photo was my great grandparents' bedroom.  I don't remember my great grandmother -- but I do remember my great grandfather.  He was bedridden and I would go to the room to sit on the bed and spend time with him.  Sometimes I would bring a kitten in to run around on the bed.

In the photo there is a doorway on the left; through this is the living room.  It is also on the other side of the window where the fan is.  In that living room was a huge (at least to me) wood stove for heat.  I would play in this room.  I remember being in this room at Easter waiting for the adults to hide eggs.  We had a box of rabbits in the room to play with while we waited.  Previously on the blog I had a photo of me with my cousins and another great grandmother taken on the couch in this room.

The room where this photo was taken was a place to play at times as well.  I have a memory of bringing a jar full of dirt and earthworms into the house and asking my grandmother to let me dump it so I could see the worms and count them.  She brought me to this room and gave me a piece of newspaper to dump it on.  

I was about 7 years old when the moved from this house.  It was a fun place and I am glad we have photos of times there.

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greg blair said...

Happy 39th Birthday!

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