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Monday, August 3, 2009

From Where I Sit...My Home Office

It used to be when I processed digital photos I sat in the office in the basement. Saying it is in the basement is painting a gloomy picture of the scene. The office has a big window overlooking the side yard (where chipmunks run around all the time and bunnies eat grass). The office also has a door to the backyard with a window in it. It is a well lit room and not basement-y at all. But you are away from most of the activity in the house.

That was when I was tied to a desktop computer. My desktop is still there -- and my printers, papers, files, etc. But I use my laptop about 90% of the time. I like that I can take it where ever I want to be. Most days that is in the living room. This photos shows my "office" of choice.

The ottoman is my 'desk.' Yes, that is Sadie on the couch (she steals my seat when I get up). Just on the other side of the laptop is the cat. When it is colder -- the cat will sleep up against my laptop looking for a little computer heat. I would tell the cat's name -- but she does not know it -- she only knows "kitty." Those are my paintings on the walls. I have had a blank canvas sitting on my easel for months! I need an idea for a painting!

Last Saturday I brought home the photos from A Novel Experience. I turned our foyer into a mini gallery with some of them.

So this is kind of my spot -- where I sit when I am processing photos, writing blogs, updating workshop materials, and generally goofing around. Having a business where you work out of your home affords you the opportunity to work in the living room as much as in the office. I work anytime of day or night -- when a thought occurs to me or I have a spare moment to work on a photo.


1 comment:

greg blair said...

well, your post are always thoughtful; but, i believe this is truly my favorite. all that seemed to be missing was a warm cup of cocoa. what a great space to be inspired & feel creative.

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