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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's In The Bag?

Many times I am asked about what I carry in my bag -- well here it is...

The bag is Lowepro and packed full (I guess I really need a bigger bag). In the zip compartment on the outside is a notepad, pen, cheatsheet, bulb blower, close up diopter filter, step up ring, and filter wallet containing 98% of my large sized filters.

The large inside compartments opens up to zippered pockets containing spare memory cards, a reversing ring, and batteries. The large open padded area holds my lenses. I have the 14mm and the 18-250mm Tamron lenses, Nikon 24-120mm & 35-70mm (I used the 35-70mm to take these photos). The Canon 50mm is on the Canon 40D. I have the Lensbaby 3G with its aperture kit and the Composer and another aperture kit, plus the creative aperture kit, wide angle and the tele attachments. Also in a smaller filter wallet are the 37mm filters that fit the Lensbaby lenses. In this section is also the ProOptic extension tube set.

Along with the filter wallets, lenses, batteries and such are some non-photographic tools. Those little desiccant packs that you find in many things -- like shoe boxes; I put them in my camera bag. I love love love the micro fiber cleaning cloths. I bought a big pack at Sam's Club. These wrap around my lenses. They are perfect to clean a lens, filter, or even my glasses. And I have a Leatherman with me -- just in case I need to have a MacGyver moment.

Oh -- the 40D and the XTi don't travel in the bag much -- there is not enough room. And some of you may be wondering what a Canon shooter is doing with a couple Nikon lenses? I bought an adapter ring, OK I bought two, (from ebay) that allows me to use my old Nikon lenses (from film days) on my digital Canon. The shooting is very manual -- manual focus -- everything manual -- but it beats not using the lenses!

(click on the photo to see it larger)


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