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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just Push One Button!

I can't believe I am watching this -- but I am. Flipping through the channels on the TV this morning I spy a digital camera on a shopping channel. So I am interested. Of course I like cameras and will stop to listen to the sales spiel whether I am buying or not. You could learn something, right?

What I am learning is that people should buy a camera to get it in purple. Or if you don't know what you are doing -- stay that way -- just buy this so you can push one button to take any type of photo; motion, portrait, low light, bright light, etc. One button does it all -- you (the photographer?) don't need to know anything. Or if these are not great reasons -- buy it because you only have to pay a little bit a month for 4 months to pay it off. So it seems the most important things to think about when purchasing a camera are: the color of the camera, if it does everything on auto, and if you don't have to pay a lot.

The color thing does not bug me -- much -- but a little. Do you really buy a camera based on the color? I guess some people were pushed over the edge by purple since it was very popular. I can't imagine buying a camera based on the color choice.

That whole 'push one button' to get the best shot is -- well -- so not true.

The price selling point is valid -- I know many people who do look at the cost -- you should not pay a lot to get a good pocket camera.

I heard the salesman say that if you buy that camera -- as soon as you get it home and start taking photos that they would look like a pro did them. A long time ago -- early in the blog I wrote about "Is It The Camera?" The camera does not make you a good photographer. I know people with very expensive cameras and lenses who take so-so photos. I also know people with small, inexpensive, older, etc. cameras who take breathtaking photos. Buying any camera will not make you good at taking photos. The camera does not compose -- the photographer does.

So anyway -- a blah Saturday morning, flipping channels, was a little entertaining for me. Something else entertaining was attending the Arts Clayton opening reception for their photo show last Thursday night. The fork photo featured on the Kitchen Series blog was chosen for first place and the photo of Sadie (retitled "Adopt a Shelter Dog") received the Patron's Award. I think my husband was more excited than I was. If you get a chance -- stop in the Arts Clayton Gallery to see the show.


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