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Friday, October 30, 2009

From the Barefoot Files...

This photo was probably taken in the early to mid 1950's. I have always liked this picture. This is my great grandfather (mother's mother's father) standing in front of a castor bean plant. If you want to have an interesting plant in your yard one summer -- check out how to grow a castor bean plant. I also have a photo of my grandmother standing in front of it.

I remember my granddaddy -- he was around when I was very young. He was born in 1890 and died when I was 7 years old. The time I knew him -- he was an invalid. I would sit on the bed and talk to him. Sometimes I would bring a kitten or a baby chick in to show him. I remember one day after I had fallen near the wood stove and burned my arm. I sat with him having a snack and getting over the fall.

My great granddaddy was a carpenter. So was his son, my Uncle John. I have an old wooden level that I believe was my grandfather's. I also have some tools and a carpenter bench that belonged to my Uncle John.


1 comment:

Glenn said...

Love photos from that time frame. For me the 50's truly were Happy Days. and that plant looks something else :-)

Thanks for sharing this.

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