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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Barefoot Photographer® at Frame Designs

Select photos are now available at Frame Designs Custom Frame Shop and Gallery in Fredericksburg, Virginia. You may recall I have a couple blog posts recently about my trip home and the photos I took along Sunken Rd. and at the Fredericksburg National Cemetery.  Those photos -- along with a couple random Fredericksburg shots -- are in the Frame Designs gallery.

Frame Designs is a very interesting place -- they have quite a variety of art available.  I have purchased Johnny Johnson paintings from Frame Designs.  The last one I bought -- just a few years ago -- was an anniversary gift for my husband.  The great folks at the gallery shipped the painting to my home and it arrived safe and sound.  As a student at Mary Washington, I purchased sketch pads and other materials at Frame Designs.  

If you are in the Fredericksburg area -- stop by and see my photos -- and all the other artwork in their gallery area.


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