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Friday, February 26, 2010

From the Barefoot Files...

What a Bohemian-looking bunch!  So many prints and patterns in fabric in this photo -- good thing it is in black and white to not make me dizzy.

This is my great grandmother, three of my cousins, and me (with a puppy) at my other great grandparents' home.  The house in this photo is now under water -- Smith Lake in Stafford County.  The property was 'taken' by the county for a reservoir in the 1970s.   I loved spending time at this house and the other one -- again under water -- that was next door and the home of my grandparents.   The great grandmother in the photo was visiting from southwest Virginia.  She is the mother of my photographing grandfather.

I wold be embarrassed at my dirty, barefoot feet -- but hey -- that is me!  Just guessing, I think I am about six years old in this photo. It looks like a couple of us were outside playing, most likely with a litter of new puppies.  Someone must have called us in for this photo.  I would not come without bringing a puppy with me.  My cousin Barry is looking away at someone -- the someone probably trying to keep the baby from crying (which looks like it did not work).


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