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Friday, February 19, 2010

From the Barefoot Files...

Again, some of granddaddy's photos.  This one appears to be in front of a barracks of some kind.  It is interesting to see the dress on these guys.  Granddaddy is on the right and in casual clothes.  The guy in the middle is in his dress uniform and the guy on the left looks to be in his underwear.  

I had someone ask me if I am scanning in all of these old photos.  I am not.  Instead of using a scanner -- I am taking photos of the photos.  This has been a handy way to do this since some old family photos can be too large to fit completely on a scanner.  Also, if you have relatives out of town -- you can visit them, take photos of the old photos they have and then immediately have your own digital files without needing to ask or taking the responsibility of taking the photos from their home.

Because many of the old photos are a glossy finish -- I do not use flash.  I make sure there is plenty of indirect light in the room.  Sometimes I place the photos on a table, sometimes on the floor.  I use a tripod to hold my camera extra steady.  If the old photo is not flat (many are curled).  Place glass from frames on each side of the photo to hold it down as flat as possible.

Old photos can be faded and even have the sepia look.  If you like sepia -- that is fine.  I prefer to return the photo to as close to the original black and white coloring as possible using my photo editing software.  If an old photos was not straight - I will crop it slightly to help straighten the subject.


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