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Friday, February 12, 2010

From the Barefoot Files...

This is my great grandmother. Her birthday is February 14, 1886. This looks like it was a birthday cake. I don't know why it is taken outside. It looks a little weird to see this table placed in front of a bush of some kind and she is standing behind the bush. She has been on the blog before -- a family photo with her, my great grandfather, my grandmother and her brother as young children.

I don't remember her -- she died when I was very young. Her husband, my Granddaddy Sam has been featured on the blog before in a photo and his recipe for Dandelion Wine. We really don't have a lot of photos of her. Many of the photos of her I have seen are with her in the bed. Her last years were spent as an invalid. I like to think about her as she is in this photo -- looking happy and outdoors.


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