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Friday, February 5, 2010

From the Barefoot Files...

This week -- I have another good one from Granddaddy's stash; the Mexicali Beer Garden in Tijuana, Mexico. Interesting and wow -- 15 cent beer! Earlier I Googled to see if I could find any info about this place. I did find a postcard from the 1920s where the cost of the beer was the same. So that (and more info below) helped me date this photo to the 1920s.

There are not many people in this shot -- or automobiles. Just part of a car to the right side and a couple guys standing by the post. This must have been very early in the day. I would suspect this place would be busy and popular as the day went on and into the night. The whole time I lived in California I never went to Tijuana. Now -- I wish I had just once -- to see this place and what it looks like now.

Exploring the internet (isn't the internet wonderful?) I found a great little website telling all about Tijuana. And on that site I found this old picture of the corner. Again -- it is from the 1920s. It seems this was a popular destination during prohibition.

The road up from the river bridge to the corner of First and A.


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Tattered and Lost said...

A reader of my blog just sent me a link to this post you did because I recently posted an old photo of this place.

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