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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The 365 Project Update

Today is day 139 in the 365 project.  I have yet to upload the photos of the day and choose one for #139.   At this point in the day-- it won't happen until tomorrow.  Since beginning the project on January 1 -- I have been very good about it.  It is getting easier.  For the most part -- I took photos often anyway.  Perhaps not every single day -- but most days.

The project is a bit misleading -- 'take a photo a day for a year.'  Well, you take more than "a" photo a day; at least I do.  I take at least 10 photos.  Today I spent some time around the pond.  I got some nice shots.  Some days it is hard choosing the one for the day.

So far it is fun to look back over the photos of the year.  The shots from January and February do look like winter.  Seeing the green show up in March and more color in April really show spring.

There are times I wish I had the camera with me and I don't -- and then I miss a great shot for that day.  A couple days I have taken my husband's pocket camera with me -- small, easy to carry -- and it is nice.  My S2 IS died and I have been thinking of replacing it or not.  Then I think with the couple DSLRs I have -- do I really need to replace the S2 or should I look for a more pocket sized camera?

After spending a few days poking on the internet I think I have decided on a new one -- the Canon S90.  I still have not made the purchase yet -- thinking it over more.  Those new pocket sized cameras with the bigger zoom are interesting.  I found a Canon SX120 IS at Target yesterday for less than $200.  That camera has a 10x zoom.  Sometimes I think there are too many choices...


MaggieGem said...

That is a problem with many things in life to day... too many choices! I'm am not professional, or even a "Good" hobbyist photog, but I do manage to keep a camera with me at all times. I picked up an expensive pocket camera with Rewards points just for that reason. Definitely worth it!

Oh, and don't forget... most cell phones have cameras too!

Donna Rosser said...

My cell takes awful photos -- or at least I take awful photos with it!

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